Friday, September 21, 2012

Like over a month later, saying Aloha to Colorado: and Aloha means goodbye. Final thoughts.

This is an embarrassing length of time between experience and writing about it, even for me.  I mean, honestly…but real life happens.  And I’ve just bought myself thirty minutes to write with an episode of Ninjago.  I’m not proud.

It’s been weeks since we visited the Denver area, but as it was among the last moments of peace I’ve had this month, I am remembering the trip fondly.  It was a nice area, and while the mile-high air definitely affected my 5k training, overall I have nothing but good vibes from the area. 

I enjoyed catching up with some friends, notably Bartsch and Sonic Death Monkey.  I also enjoyed further proving that fact that I can find something fun to do pretty much anywhere.  I mean, even Indianapolis was fun.  I met some very cool people while tasting a fine sampling of the Colorado Craft beer community.  I had planned a visit to the Oskar Blues Brewery, who were incredibly gracious and generous with their offer to host me, an admitted nobody in the blogosphere, but I was unable to arrange travel there, but I plan to see them next time. 

With that said, my beer of the week is the one I can’t stop thinking about, the Crooked Shillelagh Irish Red from Dry Dock Brewery.  I fell in love with the hand –pull style, and the rich and creamy flavor have haunted my dreams since my visit to their Brewhouse on Day three.

Honorable mentions for the week go to the 471 Double IPA from Breckenridge and the Great Divide’s Hercules Double IPA. 

I won’t go long form at this point, as it’s been nearing two months since I visited Colorado.   I regret not posting this until now, but the kids started school and life got crazy.  Oh, and I started a new job.  In the end, I really enjoyed Colorado and look forward to visiting again in the future.  Oh, and I’ve gotta check out the DC area roller derby…

More on that in the next column, which may be up later today if the game the kids remain occupied.  A lot to talk about.